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Meet the Lesson Horses

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NEW RIDERS: Call 919-999-6136 or email
Single lessons start at $65 for 30 min.
Please fill out release form & bring to your first lesson.

Suggested riding attire for new students is jeans & boots (if you have them) or tennis shoes. No shorts.



We are now moving to a quarterly tuition plan to simplify scheduling and payments for you.

* Prices will remain the same for regular riders, academy tournament, and show rider teams.


Quarters for the remainder of the year will be as follows:

Q2 April -June

Q3 July - September

Q4 October - December

  • Priority scheduling will go to students in the academy/show rider program and is now open for Q2.

  • Scheduling for casual riders will open on the 15th of the previous month (scheduling for April will open March 15th, etc)

  • You will purchase your package of lessons to be used as you see fit during the quarter (3-month time span) and will make rescheduling due to illness or holidays easier!


Package Options:

  • 13 pack of lessons for 3 months - $715 with cc, $682.50 with Zelle, check or Venmo, $650 with cash

  • 20 pack of lessons for 3 months - $1050 with cc, $1000 with Zelle, check or Venmo, $950 with cash

  • 26 pack of lessons for 3 months - $1300 with cc, $1235 with Zelle, check or Venmo, $1170 with cash


If you choose to not enroll in the program, the lesson prices will be the following:
Single lesson $65

  • 4 lessons package $250 ($240 cash)

  • 6 lesson package $360 ($345 cash)

  • 8 lesson package $460 ($440 cash)


In order to take regular lessons, we require everyone has proper riding attire.  Jodhpurs, boots, helmet and gloves (links can be found below).  Once you have ridden 3 months, you should own your own stirrups.  Those can be purchased from Heather for $220.


What happens after you learn how to ride?

Ingleside Farm hosts several Fun Shows throughout the year. There are classes for all ages & ability levels. Your instructor will let you know when you are ready to participate in a Fun Show. 

Riders who have graduated to the Academy Team will show at larger shows, along with the show riders. Those shows & locations can be found on the Horse Shows page.

Items You May Need To Purchase For Lessons


If you have been riding at the barn for 3 months you should have your own stirrups.  Let Heather or Erica know if you want them to order them for you.  

If you are thinking of getting a saddle for you or your child, please let Heather help you find one.  If you do not purchase the correct saddle, it could not only hinder your riding ability but could also make the horse's back sore.   New saddles, depending on the brand, run from $1695-$2995.   This is a great time of year to look for used saddles too.  The brands we use are Freedman, Shively and SS Pro.

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