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Horse Owners -Training Contract, Association Links

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Ingleside Farm Training Agreement


A. Billing

Invoices will be emailed out on the 20th of each month. They will include board and training for the month ahead, extra lessons from the previous month, any miscellaneous charges such as body clipping, supplies or medications given the previous month. These are due by the first. If paid BEFORE the 1st, there is a $25 discount. If AFTER the 5th, there is a $50 late fee. Invoices paid between the 1st and the 5th are on time. Invoices for horse shows will be mailed out in two separate emails. The first will be about 4 to 5 weeks before the show. It will include stall, tack stalls, bedding, drug fee, office fee, entry fees, box seat and sponsorship. Most horse shows are only going to be accepting credit cards this year for these fees, but a couple will accept checks still. If you are late on getting your check to Ingleside, you will be charged the Horse show late fee, plus a $15 late fee for processing. The second invoice will include daycare, Hauling, trainer travel, golf cart, supply charge and it will be due the Thursday before the horse show. If not paid the Thursday before the horse show, there will be a $25 late fee. Your bill must be paid in full before the horse gets on the truck to go to the show. You may use a credit card to pay most all horse shows, and Ingleside Farm will take a credit card, but a 4% service fee will be charged. A new option this year is that everyone is able to take advantage of the Quickbooks pay on line option for their monthly invoices. This does cost me $15 each time you pay online, so checks are great, if you can pay on time with them. I am not passing on this fee for the monthly invoices, but if you want to pay online for your shows, let me know in advance and I can include it in your monthly invoice so there is only one charge. Otherwise, if you want to pay an extra bill online, the fee will be added to your next months invoice.

B. Training Fees

Training fees are going up this year to $1450 ($100 increase). Training will include board, training and lessons on your horse. All prices can be seen at If you pay your invoice early (BEFORE 1ST), you will receive a $25 credit on your next months invoice. Your training will include rides/drives on your show horse only. Supply charge is not going to be charged yearly again this year, we will continue with the per day/per show fee. I am not going up on daily rates for horse shows. Those fees remain the same. There are no multiple horse discounts given on board or training.

C. Tipping

Tipping at horse shows suggested minimum is $50 per class, or a minimum of $100 per show, whether or not your horse is showing. Please take into consideration the length of the show and how much your horse requires of the caretakers. Some shows are longer and require a lot more hours. The employee split the tips, so tipping in cash or venmo is preferred please so that it can be split up at the show and paid out to everybody. If you fail to tip for a show, it will be added to your next invoice at a minimum of $70 per class or $140 per show. If it’s easier to add your tip to your show Bill, please let Heather know before the start of the show season and it can be done then. The employees appreciate the tips and work very hard for them. Remember that when they are on the road they don’t have the comforts of their own home, or of cooking their own food.

D. Commission

Commissions of 10% will be charged on the purchase or sale of any horse represented by Ingleside Farm. Any additional expenses of travel will also be billed to the client, along with a $50 per day fee for going offsite shopping. Sales between clients within the barn, a commission of 8% will be charged to the buyer and the seller.

E. Required Items

Please look over the list of items you must own for your horse. What items you need repaired or replaced will be emailed to you in January and will be purchased Feb. 1.

Required items:

For home


Blanket (new every 3-4 years)

Scrim Sheet

Tail Set

Tail Set Supplies (new every year)

Leather halter




For shows

Show sheet (most will need a new show sheet every year and their old show sheet will be turned into their home sheet)

Show scrim

Show halter & lead

Show whip & case

Show fleece for set & halter (new yearly)

Harness & Cart (if needed)

Boots (if needed)

Switch (if needed)

If using an Ingleside switch it is a $50 rental fee PER CLASS.

Additional items

Standing bandages

Kicking/pawing chains

Neck wrap


F. Notice of Movement

A 30 day notice is required for the voluntary movement of any horse from Ingleside Farm. No monies paid will be reimbursed and Theo went is responsible for paying for 30 days board and training from the time Ingleside is made aware that the horse or pony is leaving. Horses may leave prior to the completion of the 30 days, however, 30 days must be paid in full from time of notice.

G. Memberships

Each rider and owner must be a current member of several associations. Please join all by February 1. If you are not a current member before the first show of the year, you will be joined by using your cc and charge a $15 office fee per association. If it’s easier for me to join the associations for you, I can do so at $100 per person.

USEF (all owners and riders).

ASHA (all ASB owners, riders and academy).

ASAC (all owners, riders and academy).

UPHA (all eq riders, youth, young horse owners required).

AHHS (all hackney owners and riders/drivers).

SHHA (all hackney owners and riders/drivers).

ARHPA (all hackney owners and riders/drivers).

AMHA (all Morgan owners and riders/drivers).

NCHC (all horse lovers should support).

H. Care of Horses

all horses at Ingleside Farm will be under the care of the veterinarians and farriers that Ingleside uses. You must have a credit card on file for the services. General vet and farrier is required of all horses, along with a yearly evaluation by our lameness veterinarian. He will suggest what he thinks your horse needs to be the best athlete it can be. Regular dental work is done once a year. Regular chiropractic is also suggested. All vets/farriers now require a cc for payment of services when they are performed. I need a current cc on file to use for these things by 1/1/24.

Summit Equine-Dr. Jim Maxwell and Dr. Rachel Pasko. General care & emergency services

Animal Hospital of Fayetteville-Dr. Brian Garrett. Competitive athlete specialist

McKnight Equine-Dr. Blades McKnight. Chiropractor

Elite Equine Mobile Dentistry-Dr. Tracy Tinsley. Dentist

AJ Strickland-farrier

I. General

All riders at Ingleside Farm are expected to represent in their best attire. All show clothes must be approved by Heather. Logo wear is suggested for barn wear. We have a shop at saddlethreads and lands end.

J. Insurance

It is suggested that all horses be insured through Equidae. It is also recommended that you insure your equipment through your homeowners policy or through a separate policy that Heather can help you with. This would include saddle, bridle, harness, cart, switches.

K. Riding Lessons

The only lesson included in your training is the one on your horse or pony. All other rides on lesson horses will be run through the riding academy. We also include a show horse owner unlimited rides package for use on all school horses. This is $100 per month. You may get them ready and put them up on your own. This also includes Tuesday and Saturday show rider groups when we have them. All other lessons with the instructor are $35 and will be billed on your next months invoice.

The undersigned hereby acknowledges the terms and conditions set forth in this rate schedule.

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